Senior turns talent for doing hair into business


Lauren Gunnell, Staff Writer

Playing tennis, cheering for school sports, and playing in the school’s orchestra aren’t the only things Sydney Jackson (12) likes to do. While balancing all of that and her school work, she also likes to braid hair to earn money in her free time.
Her interest first began when she started to see all of her friends with jobs, which made her want her own way to make money, but she was too young to have an actual job, so she had to find a different way.
“I felt left out because I was the only one of my friends who didn’t have a job because everyone else was 16 and I was 15 and I wanted to make my own money,” Jackson said.
She has been braiding hair for a year now, and she does knotless braids for $115, Knotless Bohemian braids for $120, Jumbo knotless braids for $95, Box braids with prices ranging from $95-$120 depending on the size ,Soft locs for $120 ,Butterfly locs for $120 and Fulani braids with prices ranging from $95-$120 depending on the size. To book an appointment for braids, you can direct-message her Instagram page “”.
She taught herself how to do all of the hairstyles she offers from watching many different Youube videos, and it wasn’t much of a challenge for her to get started with her own business,
“I knew how to braid already, so it came a little natural,” Jackson said.
Her favorite style to do is knotless braids.
“They’re my favorite because they’re pretty simple and don’t really take that long,” Jackson said.
She mostly practices on her best friend to help perfect her styles.
“Sometimes we get bored when we’re hanging out and I’ll just decide to try out a new style, or she’ll ask me to do a style for her,” Jackson said.
The first style she mastered was feed-in braids from trying it on bestfriend, then she started doing her cheer teammates’ hair, and she eventually began to get other customers as she gained popularity.
“I really love doing it,” Jackson said. “Most people hate their jobs, but I’m glad I’m able to make money doing something I love.”