Livestock medicine not a good alternative

Tobias Stroh, Staff Writer

People aren’t livestock, or, at least that’s what the FDA is trying to explain to people. Some people believe the vaccine is dangerous or a method for tracking them (while we don’t have that kind of tech to make a tracker microscopic); now, some of these misguided minds have turned to a far more dangerous alternative: horse dewormer. So people who are scared of a government-approved vaccine, are willing to ingest medicine made for animals, in possibly lethal doses. People thinking that one proven safe thing is a danger and moving to a blatant danger that could kill them makes no sense.
A surge in hospital cases due to people overdosing on Ivermectin has left prices skyrocketing and kept hospital beds full, causing horse owners to have to spend even more money to take care of their horses and doctors unable to treat those who need treatment. While Ivermectin can be prescribed for humans in small doses, the increased dosage for animals is not safe for humans. And Ivermectin is not a proven COVID cure.
While the claims of a drug being able to cure COVID when that isn’t its purpose are shocking, sadly, it’s nothing new. During the initial breakout of the virus, Hydroxychloroquine, an immunosuppressant and anti-parasitic was pushed as a cure for COVID by so-called “doctors” with no credentials and like Ivermectin, caused more harm than good.
While I am puzzled as to why anti-parasitics are becoming the common denominator in these claimed COVID cures, I’m more puzzled as to why people aren’t checking their facts before blindly believing these claims. Because as I’m sure we’ve all heard that saying: don’t believe everything you read on the internet.
Medicine that is not intended for humans shouldnt be taken by humans, no matter the claims associated with them, and if a medicine is approved for humans, only take the recommended dosage for humans. The less people that take dangerous amounts of medicine and the more that take the vaccine, the quicker we can get back to living our lives in seminormalcy. People need to me more careful about what they trust on the internet and be less eager to look for an excuse to start a conspiracy.