Latest TikTok trend leads to destructive behavior

Andronakis Clay, Staff Writer

When walking into a school bathroom the last thing you expect to see is a toilet broken off its hinges. Yet, the latest TikTok trend called “Devious Licks” supports criminal behavior in schools. Whether it’s vandalism, stolen school property, this trend creates harmful environments and needs to be stopped.
The trend originated on Sept. 1 when TikTok user “jugg4elias” made a video showcasing a box of disposable masks that they claimed was stolen from school. The caption read “A month into school…devious lick…” Ever since then the trend has steadily increased in devastation of school property.
Students around the country have stolen sinks, urinals, and smashed toilets. It even ventures outside the classroom with pencil sharpeners, desks and chairs, and even projectors. The more insane the item is to steal, the more views on social media.
TIkTok has thankfully made a widespread ban on videos like this, but search on Twitter or Instagram and you are sure to find more “Devious Lick” videos.
The destruction of school bathrooms is harmful especially in the age of a pandemic. This is a time where students should focus the most on their wellness and well being. But with the destruction of washrooms and stolen soap dispensers, students can’t even wash their hands.
In some schools they have shut down the bathrooms because they are not in working condition. Students need to realize that this is more harmful than comedic.
At MHS it hasn’t been a huge problem. “A small number of students have sadly chosen to participate in mimicking social media. We have a great security staff, checking bathrooms constantly every hour,” Freshman Principal Tim James said. When asked about the punishments students were facing, he said that the details vary. “According to the handbook, vandalism is punishable by expulsion. But we offer a restorative approach. We support a culture of cleanliness and healthiness,” James said.
Students, choose to treat your school better because in the end, a clean home helps keep everyone safe.