Senior Merci Tan pushing toward her personal best


Senior Merci Tan runs in the Bob Thomas Invitational on Sept. 11th.

Colin Rogers, Staff Writer

Merci Tan is running into her senior year of high school

Tan is off to a good start in her final year of Cross-Country placing 1st in the open three mile run in the 49th Annual Rich Dust Invitational. Merci was joyful when she crossed the finish line.

“I thought it was funny…there was only one girl in front of me the whole race…and I was pretty happy,” Tan said.

She doesn’t consider herself very fast but her strength is her mental toughness and endurance. She is able to keep a good pace during her races, but will sometimes fall to someone else near the finish.

“I am not fast. I am really bad at finishing at the end. Sprinting…I usually get passed up by one girl at the end just because they are faster than me at the finish even though I am usually stronger during the race…just keeping up a nice simple pace. More endurance than speed,” Tan said.

Tan has been running since middle school with track and cross country. She decided than she enjoyed it and wanted to continue running in high school.

“I’ve been running Cross-Country since middle school and track and just running in general so I decided to keep it up in high school,” Tan said.

She started running after pressure from her mom and inspiration from her sister. Tan’s mother wanted her to join a sport and she found inspiration to join cross country since her sister was on the team.

“My sister started running, too, and my mom wanted me to join a sport. . . . Running doesn’t really have any rules except for run,” Tan said.

Tan hopes to overcome her nervousness and the pressure to get her career personal record this season. She works hard and does her best to make progress with her ability all while enjoying the sport.

“I have a lot of anxiety…or pressure to do my best..fear that I am going to do bad that race. I also have a lot of excitement… If I see a girl in front of me I try to catch her and I have a lot of fun doing that,” Tan said.

As Tan finishes up her final season of cross country she advises any freshman that wish to join cross country to listen to do as they are told and make sure to do their job. All while having fun and being a good teammate.

“Listen to your coaches and run what you are supposed to run and just have fun. It is a fun sport if you do everything right and get along with your teammates”