New animated show takes Marvel fans on twisted journey

New animated show takes Marvel fans on twisted journey

By Hannah Robinson, Staff Writer

What If, Marvel’s newest show airing on Disney Plus, that contains nine episodes that goes in more to the idea of a multiverse.  It takes a turn on the Marvel sagas and shows what would happen if they had a different turn of events. 

If you’re into Marvel movies, this would be a good show for you but you might need a refresher to compare how the events played out.

In episode one “Captain Carter,” instead of Steve Rogers getting the Super Soldier Serum it shows Peggy Carter getting it and turning into the face of the Allies in World War II. The episode goes on to show how she saved the world and the challenges she faced being a female in the 1940s.

In what I consider the best episode of the series, episode four, “Doctor Strange lost his heart instead of his hands.” Instead of Strange hands being unoperatal Christine Palmer, the woman he loved, died in the car accident. It then goes into him trying to reverse what happened using the time stone which creates an even bigger problem in his universe.

Even though each episode takes place in a different universe at the end of the Season you see the show’s bigger plot.

The narrator of the show is called the Watcher. He observes all the multiverses, but he can’t intervene, even if a universe has a chance of  coming to an end. Ultimately, he faces internal conflict as he decides if intervening would be for better or for worse. 


Actors from the original movies such as Captain America, Guardians Of The Galaxy, and Black Panther and more came together to voice the characters they played which helps make the show even better.

After finishing What If..  I think it’s worth watching because it shows you another perspective that I think will tie in later with other Marvel shows and movies.

  1. What If  “Captain Carter Were The First Avenger?”
  2. What If  “T’ Challa Became Star Lord?” 
  3. What If  “The World Lost Its Mightest Heroes?”  
  4. What If  “Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead Of His Hands?” 
  5. What If “Zombies” 
  6. What If “Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?” 
  7. What if “Thor As A Only Child?” 
  8. What If  “Ultron Won?”
  9. What If “The Watcher Broke His Path?”