New TikTok trend shows students’ attempts to reimburse schools for damages done

Izza Aftab, Staff Writer

TikTok as of late banned and restricted the “Devious Licks” videos, where students boasted about their mischievous burglaries from school restrooms and classrooms. Clocks were stolen, soap dispensers were stolen, doors were stolen, and even toilets were stolen. However, as of now, it seems as though some children have tried to make up for other children’s destruction through the “Angelic Yields” challenge. TikTokers are returning the items people have taken and are reestablishing harmony within the schools. Angelic Yield videos show TikTok users placing cash, hand-soap, mats, and other items in restroom stalls and along the rows of sinks.

On Oct. 5th, Cody Kolodziejzyk and Noel Miller uploaded a video on their TMG podcast channel on YouTube, titled, “Angelic Yields: The Best TikTok Trend”. In this video, they viewed multiple TikToks of students participating in the Angelic Yields trend. One TikTok showed a student buying extra toilet paper to put in the stalls, another showed students refilling empty soap dispensers.

However, some students are too generous and place arbitrary items in the school bathrooms that are unnecessary, such as coffee makers. Certain individuals call this a “Devious Yield,” because although these students are giving towards the school, it is a bit foolish and misplaced to give such an item at the wrong circumstance. An example of this absurdity is shown in a particular TikTok, where a student purchased a TV, placed it near the school bathroom sink, and plugged it in.

Overall, I think it’s pretty nice; at least nobody is stealing from schools anymore. The students who bought extra toilet paper and refilled soap dispensers were very generous. Although the coffee makers and TVs in bathrooms seemed extremely strange, it’s not really damaging or disadvantageous to anyone, and I can’t wait to see more people participate in Angelic Yields.