Dancing sensations spread after release of Moonchild Era

Izza Aftab

Dijit Dosanjh is a popular singer adored by many people of the Indian subcontinent of Asia. There has suddenly been a large increase in popularity of his music after he released his new album, Moonchild EraThe most popular song in this album would probably be Black and White, as many people, even foreigners and non-Asians, are dancing to it on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. A specific dance was labelled as the “Black and White Challenge,” and people around the world danced to it with such energy.
The Step Up Dance Studio Bathinda Phase3 YouTube channel posted a choreography video, replicating this popular dance. It incorporated steps to the right and left while swinging hands, the bending of knees followed by a few steps forward, a kick, two steps back, crossing their arms twice (once downward, once upward) while twisting their legs to the sides, bending the knees again, a step to the right, a clap, and a small wave while stepping the other direction. It’s simple. It’s cute. It’s fun. The perfect formula to encourage others to dance to it as well.
The second most popular song of this album is Vibe. It just radiates positive energy. In the music video, Diljit is seen roaming around sunflower fields with rainbows, laying in the green grass with goats and sheep, and just having a good time with his friends. You may have seen some Instagram reels of people dancing to this song as well. People usually put their own twist on it.
Sanjay Maurya posted a choreography video on the Right Direction YouTube channel for the song Vibe. It seemed very fun. The dance incorporated energetic steps to the right and left with full movement of the arms, many traditional bhangra dance elements, lots of jumping, squatting, walking backwards, clapping, spinning, and so much more. This dance requires a lot more effort compared to the Black and White Challenge, which is probably why it went less viral than it. 

However, as I mentioned before, people dancing to this song on social media put their own spins on it, or do different dances altogether, which are factors that led this dance craze to spread. Over the course of October, many dancers showed the internet their amazing skills and talent.
In the end, I personally think it’s so cool that this artist has come a long way and got the recognition that he deserved. It feels nice having some representation and having some form of your culture become popular and appreciated by others. Moonchild Era is now my favorite album!