This Dune adaptation is worth the wait


Tobias Stroh, Staff Writer

This year’s Dune is a brilliant adaptation of Frank Herberts 1965 novel. With a previously attempted adaptation that fell short in many ways, there were high hopes that the most recent adaptation would be much better. Those hopes are met and exceeded with the newest version. From the special effects to the perfect casting and acting, the movie was only reminiscent of the old version in name. Director Dennis Villeneuve perfectly captured the atmosphere of the book’s world while seamlessly integrating his own ideas.

The characters are well rounded off the bat and the beginning of the film gave a good world and situation overview to introduce a new viewer to an otherwise unknown world of a futuristic world of royalty, backstabbing and off-world exploration.

With Timothée Chalamet (Paul Atreides) and Rebecca Ferguson (Lady Jessica) playing so well off each other and adding a believable mother-son bond, it added emotional detail to the developing characters. With so many characters getting a nicely rounded character base, it becomes hard to not get at least a bit attached to the characters.

Even if it is only Part 1 of a multi-part series, the film does an amazing job at introducing and detailing the intricate world and different people in it. 

If music is what you look for, the soundtrack from Hans Zimmer is, as always, amazing and perfectly tuned for every mood of the film, from the suspense to the action, Hans never disappoints.

Even the special effects were spot on. The sand worms were seamlessly integrated into the scenes, and the effects of they blue eyes was fluid, and moved with no lag in relation to character movement.

Overall, I’d give the film 5/5 stars for the character development and overall scene making. If you have the chance, definitely go see it.