New movie with the Rock adds exciting twists and turns to action flick


JonPaul Patterson, Staff Writer

Red Notice came out recently and it is a pretty great movie. Red Notice is an action movie with a lot of humor, suspense and plot twists. The movie has The Rock, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot in it. The plot revolves around Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot playing famous art thieves who both want to steal a very valuable egg, so they can be the #1 criminal in the world.

This movie stands out because it’s not very cliche and doesn’t feel like most other action movies. Some of the plot twists caught me off guard in the beginning. I didn’t expect much from this movie, and I just started watching it because Dwayne The Rock Johnson was in it and the cover art looked pretty cool. At the end of the movie, I was surprised by how different it was from other action movies where the main plot is about a bad guy robbing people. The humor and the suspense throughout the movie made it really appealing to me.

Sometimes when I watch Netflix I get distracted and go on my phone because the movie is boring, but this movie had my full attention. The movie took place in a lot of different locations. Throughout the movie, they added details that would end up making sense later on, so you have to keep watching to figure out what was going on.

I liked the vibe of the movie. In the beginning it was very serious and then it turned into more of a comedy type of movie. The way all the actors talked to each other made it seem like they knew each other for years.

I would recommend this movie if you like action movies or funny movies because Red Notice is a combination of both. The movie does have some parts where it was super unrealistic and stupid like all movies do. Somehow three people can run past a firing squad of 15 people shooting assault rifles by ducking and shooting a glock as ‘cover fire’ and the three of them walked away without a scratch.  Other than the unrealistic parts that logically make no sense, it’s a pretty good movie and wouldn’t be bad for someone to watch if they have some free time.