Black Mafia Family worth catching up with


Photo provided by STARZ

50 cent brings the story of two Detroit brothers who created a criminal enterprise.

Kyleigh Seay, Staff Writer

Based on Detroit legend kingpins, Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and brother Terry “Southwest T” Flenory Rapper, 50 Cent has created yet another crime drama, BMF: Black Family Mafia,  justified by its cultural significance. Struggling and living in poverty, the iconic duo began selling $50 bags of crack-cocaine on the streets of Detroit to make ends meet. The drug operation was active from that point up until the brothers were arrested and sentenced to prison in 2005, it is speculated that the two were worth $100 million each. 

Flenory is played by his one and only son, Demetrius “Lil Meech ” Flenory, Jr., and with this being his first time in acting, he does a good job.  Also making a debut to the big screen is Detroit native rapper, Kash Doll, playing Monique, the baby mother to antagonist Lamar Silas. The rest of the cast is filled in with Da’Vinchi, Meech’s little brother and right-hand man in the show as well as Russell Hornsby, Michole Briana White, Ajiona Alexus, Steve Harris and Wood Harris. 

Some might argue that the acting in the show lacked depth from some characters, I find this to be true in certain scenes, but it’s a minor problem. Overall, the storyline is what will keep people hooked. If you missed Season 1, catch it now on Starz before season 2 debuts this summer.

One actor in particular who stood out the most was Eric Kofi-Abrefa, who plays the iconic Lamar Silas. According to Thrillist, Lamar is said to be based on Layton Simon, a Detroit man who was one of the Flenory brothers’ most dangerous rivals in the late ‘80s and the 1990s.  Not only did he pose a threat to the Flenory brothers but also to loved ones, Monique (Kash Doll), his daughter Zoe (Stormy Merriwether), and his right-hand man Slick (Myles Bullock). His most famous scene was his psychotic performance of Loose Ends’ “You Can’t Stop the Rain” in Episode 6. “Strictly Business” went viral and was trending on social media for weeks. 

Let’s talk about the culture. The story is set in Detroit in the late ’80s. The culture definitely comes to life, with characters wearing big gold chains and full-length mink coats. In the beginning of the show, the Flenory boys’ and their crew all wore big, long chains that said “50 Boyz” to represent the name of the crew and their business. The women have curled blowout hairdos and wear track suits and puma shoes, giving you a retro urban look. The pagers, high top haircuts, and vibrant colors bring a nostalgic feel to the audience, making a true representation of life in the ’80s.

Overall, if you’re a fan of crime shows or storytelling this is the show for you. The show really grabbed my attention because it’s being based on true events, with minor fiction. Seeing Detroit culture, finding out how brothers and kingpin legends came up from nothing truly is something. The love, deceit and hustle is what makes the show and is very entertaining. With this story being played by Meech’s one and only son is makes it 10x better. Who better for the job then your own blood? With Season 1 now over, I am excited for what Season 2 has to offer.