Former student Justen Ramsey who is known for his memorable football skills on the  Merrillville High School field now attends Ball State as one of their football players.

He describes what it’s like playing football as a college student.

“It’s hard for real but it’s definitely worth it. You learn a lot and when you get older like me you get to teach younger guys the ropes which are something amazing. It’s just fun really. It’s always something new every day. It’s never a dull moment,” Ramsey said.

Ramsey  has learned some important lessons out of the classroom, too.

“It teaches me how to be independent and to save money… but it also prepares you for life later on.  I like the way we (his teammates) consider each other brothers… it’s just one big family,” Ramsey said.

His perception of college changed over the years as he attended Ball State.

“When I first got here I was just like, ‘Nah I’m just going to hang by myself and do me.’ Then I really grew close to some of these guys and coaches and they forced me to get out of my comfort zone and for that I’m thankful,” Ramsey said. “I thought it would be boring and just like a job but it’s fun and like a job lol. It’s just like going to work every day with your best friends.”

A junior, Ramsey still has some goals he’d like to achieve on the field.

“I want another ring and bowl game win, I want to be known as a leader and tough Cardinal, I want to get more sacks, and I want to set the bar so high that my little brother will have to truly work to break it,” he said.

Ramsey gives advice to the football athletes at Merrillville High School graduating in 2022 and soon to graduate.

“One, I would say don’t rush it. If you’re doing all the right things and taking care of your body, your time is going to come. Two, be realistic. If you don’t put in the work on and off the field don’t expect something amazing to happen. Three, keep chasing your dream and always believe you can get better because hard work and talent is dangerous, especially for undersized guys like me.”

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