Super Bowl ads make big impression

Kyleigh Seay, Staff Writer

With the Super Bowl weekend just ending between the Los Angeles Ram and the Cincinnati Bengals some of the best plays were performed off the field. The average 30 second commercial ad for the year of 2022 is around $6.5 million, so a lot is riding on these companies with so much money being involved and such a short screen time.

Now, It’s time to discuss this year’s top five Super Bowl ads. Links to all the ads appear at the bottom of the story.

Coming in at  #5 is an UberEats “Uber Don’t Eats” commercial. Actors such as Trevor Noah, Jennifer Coolidge, Nick Braun and Gwyneth Paltrow advertise different items that are not food-related but are now available for delivery through UberEats. The actors provide a good laugh as they eat household items such as aluminum foil, sponges, diapers and dish soap, representing what you shouldn’t eat, but can still have dropped off to your doorstep.  

At #4 is the Sam’s Club VIP commercial starring comedian-actor Kevin Hart. Hart is seen with a personal shopper following him throughout the store as he is showing off the “scan and go” feature that comes with being a VIP customer at Sam’s Club. He goes around bragging to other customers and sitting on store furniture as if he is the only one who has attained this feature in this funny ad. Makes me want to sign up so I can feel VIP like Kevin. 

Next, for #3 is an Amazon’s Alexa “Mind Reader” commercial with Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost. The couple gets into a little trouble as their Alexa starts to read their mind. Some things you don’t want your significant other to know or their family for that matter. A few incidents that happened in this ad are Colin thinking about extra-strength breath mints when Scarlett rolls over with morning breath, Scarlett activating the blender so she doesn’t have to hear Colin, and when Scarlett lies about preparing dinner for her friends and family and Alexa spilling the beans that everything was store bought. Although this was a funny clip I think I’ll stick with the voice command feature over mind reading. 

In the runner-up spot is Lay’s “Golden Memories” ad starring Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd. The two guys reminisce on special moments of their friendship with Lay’s chips by their side like when they took a road trip in ‘97, their first heart-to-heart, being kidnapped by a stalker, stumbling into a turf war, and when Seth bought his first house.  The house was haunted by the way and he then goes on to marry the ghost bride that was found in the house but at least with every golden moment, Lay’s was there. 

Holding the #1 spot is Toyota’s “Brothers” ad about two Canadian brothers who overcome adversity. The commercial illustrates the story of how the brothers get into skiing and how Brian McKeever, one half of the duo, develops a condition that causes him to lose his eyesight. Even with this obstacle he still manages to overcome it as he and his brother, Robin McKeever, went on to win 10 Paralympic medals together. Toyota takes first place for me with this heartfelt story as these brothers encourage people to “start your impossible.”