Return of Batman has some fans excited, others skeptical


Tina Higgins, Staff Writer

The Cape Crusader of Gotham’s CIty is back again in theaters; this time with a new cast, starring Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Zoe Kratiz as Selina Kyle/ Catwoman. This movie is set in Batman’s first two years as the Caped Crusader, as he battles crim in Gotham’s City. 

“The Batman movie is going to be good and it looks great,”  Assistant Principal Mike Knocke said. “I’m not really a comic book guy, but I watch a lot of Marvel movies, and I’m a big fan of the old Batman movies. The only thing about Batman/ Bruce Wayne is Batman should give back to the communities and help instead of fighting crime.” 

Senior Ryan Gonzalez is skeptical about the new movie..

“The new cast such as Robert Pattinson isn’t built like the traditional Batman,” he said,  “but he might get better. I don’t believe this movie will live up to the hype but it will be a good movie to go see in theaters.”.

Fans will see today if “The Batman” lives up to the hype.

“In all honesty, this can be the greatest adaptation of Batman or the worst It has a lot of hype to live up since it’s going to be compared to all the movies before,” Junior Elijah Lewis-Mays said.. “It’s going to be interesting to watch and see how it plays out.”

Marvel vs. DC has been an ongoing debate for years. It’s only fair that it is brought up for this movie.

“Batman is always a great character in the DC universe but … Marvel movies are better. The other DC movies haven’t lived up to the hype of Marvel movies, but this one might be a first,” Senior Arieanna Lytle said.

“Even though the movie looks dark, we can have an inside look at the beginning of Bruce Wayne/ Batman’s mental health and challenges. Overall I Believe the movie is going to be better than the Dark Knight trilogy.”