Special concert celebrates work of African-American composer

Destiny Givens, Staff Writer

Black History Month allowed orchestra students to hold the Black Composers Exposures concert to spotlight African American composers who may not be well known. Students go through a rigorous preparation process to be able to perform the music at a high level, but the experience is heartwarming.

“I feel really honored to be a part of this experience,” Senior Azariah Crosby said. “This annual concert became a tradition my freshman year and has expanded to the whole orchestral program within the community. It feels good to know we are doing something good and educational for our community. “

The money raised by the Black Composure Exposure concert is used annually to fund the John E. Bradford scholarship. The Bradford scholarship allows private music lessons during the school year for underfunded music students. 

“Students prepare by selecting either a piece from her book, or researching pieces to play,” orchestra teacher, Ms. Jullian Mallory said. “They may listen to them or try playing through the piece before making their selections. Then students are given class time on certain days to rehearse, as well as rehearse on their own.”

Senior Caleb Robinson was able to take on a creative aspect  of the concert  by creating “Just Messin’ Around” which was performed in front of the audience.. Students are highly encouraged to make an impact and contribute to the community.

“I believe students enjoy the experience, have a sense of pride and feel like they’re making a difference,” Ms. Mallory said.