Don’t miss out on final moments of senior year in a race to the finish line

Andronakis Clay, Staff Writer

A senior was stuck in the most difficult class that anybody could imagine, Calculus, where only sweats and tears can be had, and it can flip your year upside down. This girl, despite being top of her class at one point, is suffering from an illness that haunts and cripples a senior’s academic ability to learn. Yes, I am talking about the infamous senioritis. This disease is rapidly spreading and hurting pirates schoolwide. You may have contracted it if you have the following symptoms: Falling asleep in class, grades dropping tremendously, procrastinating, skipping class, and finally the cliche line, “They can’t fail me in my senior year!” Breaking news, they can. But don’t worry seniors, it’s completely understandable. So much in fact, I’m here to tell you the best reasons why seniors suffer from this disease. And the best ways to cure it.

It’s the end of the year and seniors have already gone through the stresses of highschool, three years of it in fact. The schoolwork, deadlines, and social anxiety, it’s all something that over time can be pretty daunting. So senior time is a time to sit back, relax, and have all their hard work come into fruition.  In reality though seniors still can have very important classes at the end that, if failed, can result in summer school. So until you’re walking on that stage accepting that diploma from the big man himself, your work is never done. So instead of thinking of it as a time to relax, think instead of it as a final stretch. “Finish strong at the end,” like many as your teachers will tell you during senior year. And then when you finally have a chance to relax your shoulders and accept that diploma, bathe in that bliss.

Your life is planned ahead. Whether that is college or mapping out a career, school just seems to be in the way. You want to be ahead in life, and during senior year, the only thing that seems to be holding you back is education. Especially for those seniors who have jobs currently, the only thing that’s motivating you to stay is  the events. Take it from me, I fall in the category. So I can see how difficult it may be, but you have your entire life to stress about those things. It doesn’t have to be while you’re still in school. Enjoy yourself and focus on what you’ve been doing for the last three years — learning and having fun while doing it. You have your entire life to be an adult, don’t push yourself into it. 

I understand that the anticipation of graduation has been eating away at you since senior year started. Even before that, since nap time was replaced with homework and letters in math. Finishing has been the main goal for a long time, so wanting to get it done after 12 years, is a pretty natural feeling. But don’t forget all the feelings of great times with your friends, your accomplishments, and how school shaped the young adult you are. So before you run to the finish line, take a breath, and take in the scenery. I promise you’ll say “it was too soon,” when it’s already gone.