MHS students showcase their creative talents as songwriters


Precious Moore writes her songs in a special notebook.

Kyleigh Seay, Staff Writer

Beginning her music career at the age of 7 Precious Moore, a junior at MHS, creates original music to help captivate her feelings.

“Primarily, I make ‘sad’ music,” Moore said. Writing is my way of coping, so you could only imagine. I think the word “sad” is a little subjective though,” said Moore. It isn’t all that bad. 

Artists that influence Precious’ creative style range from Frank Ocean, Lorde, Cèline Dion, Melanie Martinez, Mitski, Beach House, and Lennon Stella to name a few. 

“I have a 13-hour and 23-minute playlist filled with all my favorite songs,” Moore said. “I wasn’t joking when I said I love music.” 

Although she occasionally posts her music to TikTok and Instagram, Moore generally keeps her music private. 

“I use my voice memo app to record,” she said. “I actually have 2,992 voice memos as of now. I don’t upload my music that often though. It’s pretty sacred to me.”

Moore uses writing music as a coping mechanism when faced with a challenge, feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

“I write based on experience,” Moore said.  I use writing as my outlet to overcome

those harsh feelings. Sometimes I grab my guitar and play random chords, and then I just open my mouth and sing and whatever comes out, I turn it into a song. If that makes sense.”

Reflecting back on her earlier stages of writing, Moore feels she’s grown as an artist as she gets older.

“Transitioning from childhood to adolescence, life drastically changed,” Moore said. “I became more intune with my emotions and feelings, and as I came face to face with more complex situations, writing became not only a hobby, but my way of getting through life.”

Although she does not plan on pursuing songwriting as a career, Moore cherishes this hobby and holds it dear to her heart.

“Flowers only bloom for so long before they wilt,” she said. “There comes a time in our life where our petals fall, and we’re left with only the stem. The root. In life we cannot escape the challenges and hardships that will come our way, but we must always find a way to overcome those obstacles, and carry on. Writing is my way of doing that.”

Tyrese Cooper performs one of his original compositions during this year’s Revue.

Tyrese Cooper, a senior at MHS who also creates original music, began his music journey in sixth grade around 12-13 years old. 

“I started making music based on how I was feeling and I still practice this today, I make music based on how I’m feeling in the moment or what’s going around me,” Cooper said.

Cooper’s creative process generally consists of just what he’s feeling and bringing it to life through song.

“ I do not have a specific genre of music that I make in particular. I range from R&B, hip-hop, rap, rock etc,” he said. 

Cooper is currently working on uploading his music to streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify  and YouTube. 

“My plans moving forward are to get this music up on platforms, make a YouTube channel to expand my audience and gain more recognition, finish my current projects and make new ones,” he said. 

To wrap up his interview, Cooper wanted to give a word of motivation to anyone endeavoring the same interest.

“To anybody trying to pursue this, all I have to say is keep striving to be a better artist than yesterday,” Cooper said. Even when you think you won’t make it, write it down {your feelings} and let your heart guide you.”