Don’t miss out on College Go Week activities

College Go Week is taking place this week, and MHS is promoting information for students all around the school, and students encouraged to consider applying for college this week.

“College Go Week” occurs throughout the state of Indiana. It’s a week for all the high schools in Indiana to promote the benefits of attending college and also to inform students on the steps they have to take to get there.”

This week has been full of college-related activities, including trivia quizzes each day, to help encourage students to consider attending college.

 “So the plan for College Go Week is to push out information about colleges during lunches. We’re actually going to stream college tours during the lunch times,” Guidance Counselor Lauren LaPierre said. “There will be trivia and fight songs during the morning. There will also be door decorating happening in the classrooms and teachers are going to be able to wear their collared shirts and jeans.”

Some schools waive their admission fees during College Go Week, including Indiana State University, Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, and Vincennes University 

College Go Week benefits students in a variety of other ways. 

“One benefit is just gaining a lot of information,” Ms. LaPierre said. “There will be information not only about specific colleges, but also the important parts of going to college. This information consists of the steps students have to take, what kind of GPA they need to get into certain colleges that they are interested in. A lot of colleges waive the application fees during College Go Week. That means that students are able to apply for colleges for free.”