‘She-Hulk’: A victim of quantity over quality


“She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” is the latest Marvel show to land on Disney+, bringing a new, bold, green hero to the screen. The series stars Tatiana Maslany, who does an amazing job portraying She-Hulk and all of her daily struggles, along with Mark Ruffalo, who has returned to continue playing Bruce Banner aka The Hulk. The acting is great, and the CGI is decent with some slight issues here and there, but it cannot be said that this show is a mandatory watch. Meaning, if you’re trying to keep up with the MCU storyline, this is one of those shows you could skip.

The show starts off with our main character, Jennifer Walters, a regular lawyer with no abilities, hanging out with her cousin, Bruce Banner. Soon, their car gets thrown off the road and both of them are injured and bleeding. Bruce’s blood enters Jennifer’s bloodstream, and Jennifer is now thrown into the life of the superhero known as “She-Hulk,” along with her new job of being a “superhuman defense attorney.” Throughout the show, Jennifer is glorified and hated by a few for her new hulk transformation. Jennifer begins dealing with self-worth issues, as most people like her more as She-Hulk rather than her normal self. People begin to treat her differently as she struggles with things such as her dating life and her new job of defending people who have superpowers.

The show may appear great from the trailer and from all the cameos, but it can’t be ignored that the show has a lot of issues, which brings me to the next subject. The show has no real weight. It deals with underwhelming issues and no real direction. The plot doesn’t begin to focus itself until episode 6. Before then, the series is just all over the place and doesn’t know what it wants to do with itself. The context behind the fight scenes is mediocre and the fight scenes had no weight to them. There is nothing at stake, nothing to lose, and they are just really bland and tasteless fights.

Following the mediocre fights, comes the underwhelming issues. The show focuses too much on pointless things, which has caused many viewers to stop watching and start waiting for the next MCU installment. Things such as clothing issues, popularity issues, and dating issues. Adding on to that, the whole comedy aspect is overdone, as it  has been in recent MCU movies, such as “Thor: Love and Thunder.” 

Lastly, the show is trying too hard to keep viewers invested. There have been at least four cameos so far, including Megan thee Stallion, along with one big easter egg that teases viewers about a familiar hero joining the MCU. It’d be great if the show could carry itself without a bunch of cameos, fan service and easter eggs, but unfortunately, that’s just not the case. Marvel’s Phase 4 is continuously pushing quantity over quality. Instead of fixing the writing, fixing the CGI, listening to criticism, and making the plot more understandable, they are just producing project after project with close deadlines that probably make things hard for the production team. 

Overall, if you’re trying to get into the MCU, or you’re already into the MCU, and you’re trying to find shows to watch, you can skip past She-Hulk. You wouldn’t be missing too much of the storyline.