Sign-up for blood drive to help people in need

After two full years without a blood drive because of COVID, the FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) club recently organized a blood drive at the high school, collecting 37 units. 

“I always wanted to donate blood, and it was a good chance to do it since it was right at school,” said Hannah Robinson, who donated blood for the first time.

 “You can help save a life, and if you need it, you’ll want somebody to do it for you.”

Robinson didn’t have any problems with the donation. 

“There was pain from the needle because it was kind of thick, but other than that it didn’t really hurt,” she said

The annual blood drives are important because there is always a shortage of blood.  

“60% of the population could donate blood but only 5% of the population do donate,” said FCCLA sponsor Ms. Carol VonBehren. “During the past couple of years when we were dealing with COVD, a lot of regular donors did not donate and many high schools did not have their regular blood drives.” 

Blood goes to a testing site before it is sent to hospitals for people who need blood.

“Every year, nearly 21 million blood products are transfused in the U.S.,” Ms. VonBehren said. “Blood cannot be manufactured.  Blood is used for cancer patients, burn victims, trauma patients, sickle cell anemia, and others who require blood to help them heal.      

“This is the ultimate gift of life to give someone that you will never know but who will be grateful to you for the rest of their life.  By donating blood, you are giving ‘life.’ Without your blood, that person may die.”