It’s OK that Kayne was canceled

Kanye West should be canceled because his actions have shown countless of times that he shouldn’t be in the spotlight as a role model. 

I personally feel that he’s doing a terrible job of being someone that we should or need to look up to. 

Adidas has ended their seven-year contract with Kanye West and Gap said it would remove his  Yeezy items because of his harmful of countless antisemitic remarks about Jewish people. 

West stated that on a Revolt TV’s “Drink Champs” series that “Jewish people have owned the “Black Voice” and “The Jewish community, especially in the music industry…They’ll take us and milk us till we die”.

Kanye West also repeated his defense that Black people can’t be Antisemitic, he stated that “We are Semite, We Jew, So I can’t be Antisemite.”

It’s not the first controversy West has created recently.

Right before this, West was seen at Paris Fashion Week wearing a shirt with a slogan — “White Lives Matter” — associated with white supremacists, which is another slap in the face to the Black communities because our own brother is betraying us.

During the 2020 election, Kanye West choose to tweet to his followers to vote for him as a write-in. West received about 70,000 votes in the 12 states where he had ballot access, which isn’t a good thing. In my opinion, we need leaders that aren’t going to have biases against races. They need to be for the people. If he gets anywhere near the government or the political system, it will cause more corruption than there already is now.

Kanye West should be canceled because of all of his repeated negative actions. He will keep repeating these harmful actions, if not worse, which results in more bad people or either more people that don’t have the right intentions in power in our daily lives.