M3GAN puts a new spin on dangerous dolls


M3GAN is a new horror film recently released by Blumhouse Productions. If you usually don’t like horror films, you may like this one. It takes similar themes from familiar horror films involving dolls, but with a twist. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and it is a bit over-the-top and cheesy. 

The film stars Jenna Davis providing the voice of M3GAN, and Amie Donald performing the dancing and stunts for the killer doll. The movie is campy fun and would be a good movie to see with your friends. 

The film centers on a young girl named Cady,  played by Violet McGraw, whose parents recently passed away in a car accident. She goes to stay with her aunt Gemma, played by Allison Williams, who then builds a robotic life-size doll companion known as M3GAN. M3GAN’s task — protect Cady.

Without spoilers, the movie shows that there is more to this AI doll than we think. M3GAN isn’t just an evil machine with no reason, the movie shows why and how she resorts to these killing tactics in a disturbing, but comical way. 

The most popular and viral scene from the movie shows M3GAN dancing around in the hallway as she grabs the blade of a paper guillotine to kill her next victim. 

As for the characters, the movie shows how they cope with a tragic loss so suddenly and how it affects not only them, but those around them. 

Definitely check out this movie! It’s crazy, sinister, and overall a good time. 

The movie has been an instant success and is  a sequel is already in development.