Season 4 of You worth the wait as series follows complex path

The hunter becomes prey as the hit Netflix show You returns with a complex two-part 4th season after almost a two-year wait after season 3. Season 3 left us with a cliffhanger with Joe faking his death to follow Marienne to Paris, leaving many people in shock and excited for what’s to come in season 4.

The show is about a dangerously charming man —  Joe Goldberg played by Penn Badgley — who goes to extreme measures to insert himself into the lives of those he is emotionally and physically attracted to. 

The show is based on author Caroline Kepnes’ New York Time book YOU. 

In season 4 Joe goes through the transition of moving to London after he faked his death in the ending scene of season 3. Joe is the one on defense as he frantically tries to figure out the identity of his stalker.  Penn Badgley has appeared in other shows such as Gossip Girl and Margin Call. Here he is the star. 

It’s an unhinged, unpredictable, very unserious show that has me sadistically curious to see just how much more delusional Joe Goldberg is in the pursuit of love. 

The heavy use of flashbacks in the first episode causes the season to get off to a shaky start, but the engrossing mystery and perfect timing makes it hard to stop watching. The big difference between this season so far and the past seasons is the storyline takes a much slower pace. We’re accustomed to a more high pace storyline with tons of action, now in season 4 it changes to a slower pace and really emphasizes the emotion and building suspense 

The new change of pace will allow us to get to meet the new characters and eases us back into the storyline since it’s been almost two years since the last season.With part 2 of season 4 releasing next week, You can pull off some very shocking reveals. 

The show is definitely worth the watch.