College visits crucial for athletes to make informed decisions


Alabama State is one of several colleges baseball player Robert Richardson has visited.

College visits are a big part of the decision process, you get to experience where you could be living the next four years. I’ve had my fair share of college visits with a couple visits being in Alabama at Alabama State University and Jacksonville State University. 

Jacksonville State, which was my first visit, was more of an active campus meaning students were interacting with each other. It’s not a small campus but it felt like everyone knew each other. The campus was very energetic especially since it was a home football game.  

My next visit was at Alabama State University in Montgomery,Alabama. The campus was a little bigger than Jacksonville State but it wasn’t as active on campus.Although was a little small the campus felt like a family the way everyone was engaged with each other.

There was even a local soul restaurant about 5 minutes off campus that many people ate at, the owner knew almost everyone that walked in.Just the total energy of the community was great. 

Senior Colin Early has found his home for the next 4 years after a visit to Manchester University. 

“The campus is really manageable, it wasn’t hard to get around to classes at all,” Early said.

Colin Early doesn’t mind the scene around campus.

“The campus had a lot of nature, a lot of woods surrounding the campus. The school wasn’t big but it wasn’t crazy small either, it felt just right,” he said.

Early getting in contact with the baseball coach is what allowed him to take this visit.

“I was looking into schools for sports, the coach happened to contact me so it kind of drew me there,” Early said.

During that visit, He made a connection with the coach that helped make his decision of picking Manchester.

“The coach’s vibe was fun, but you can tell he really cared about the program,he also seemed very serious on how the program must develop in the next couple years,” he said.

Early talked to the teachers to learn more about the program.

“They gave good advice “ work hard now so you don’t have to spend a lot of money also, you can really be prepared,” Early said.

The visit was a great experience and helped persuade him to make the decision to attend Manchester.

“I could really see myself learning here, the teacher’s were really engaged with their classes and you can tell they really love their job, I can also see me growing not just as a player but as a person too,” he said.