Students find the spotlight on YouTube


YouTube is known for its many genres of entertainment across the internet. Luckily for Merrillville, some of our students became YouTubers when it grabbed their attention at a young age.

“Back in the day, when you were a kid, you would be scrolling through videos,” Senior Michael Golston said. “I would be hooked on YouTube with my Ipad when I got home.”

Golston also known as “Orn Kells” has earned more than 1,000 subscribers with a total of 97,498 views on his channel. Although he doesn’t have a favorite youtuber, he improves his style of videos with motivations from various places as he plans to do YouTube in the future.

“When I see people doing good, that motivates me to wanna do good myself,” Golston said. “For me, it depends on the video how long it takes. … It takes a day or two to make a video. It is hard to stay consistent, but through it all, it is worth it.”

Senior Vetrious Johnson has been interested in YouTube since age 11.

“Me and my nephew were playing Minecraft and she aid, ‘Hey, how about we make a YouTube’ video. I can look back at memories,” Johnson said.

With his channel “Vectanx”, Johnson’s videos have evolved over the years as he slowly began to reform. Although it is challenging to make a video, it also can be the greatest excitement.

“The hardest part of making a video is the editing, but it could also be the best part,” Johnson said. “You can see what makes you laugh and make other people laugh. Editing can be stressful, so it takes time.”

A senior who goes by Elijah Ace was inspired from animated stories he saw on YouTube, so he began his independent channel by the name of “XSoulforce ” on Jan. 30, five days after he turned 18 years old.

“The YouTuber that inspired me the most is King Science. I like his animations a lot … I can only dream that I meet King Science in the future,” Ace said.

Like all YouTubers, creating a video takes a lot of work for the people to enjoy. 

“It takes me an average of three weeks to add sound, animate, add effects, and edit to make a YouTube video,” Ace Said.

Redmond takes a different approach when making a video. It doesn’t take as long for him to make one because of the resources he cannot use.

“It usually doesn’t usually take me long to make a video; but it also depends on the subject. I wish I could edit,” he said “…I really do … but at the same time, I don’t have the technology in order to edit. Right now, I just press record and call it whatever. If it gets views, it gets views; but if it doesn’t, it doesn’t … it’s just how it is,” Redmond said.

While being nervous, his confidence grew to be more comfortable as he plans to do YouTube for a living; but he doesn’t care where everyone’s paths would lead to.

“If you want to go to college, that’s up to you, but personally doing YouTube has helped me to be more creative,” Redmond said.