Alexa & Kate is a feel-good show about friendship

Alexa & Katie, created by Heather Wordham, is a show about two best friends, one has cancer and the other is there with her every step of the way. It’s a happy and relaxing show for people to just sit down, laugh and enjoy.

The teen comedy is a sitcom show that shows a teen dealing with cancer in the most positive way.

When you think about cancer it’s not so happy, but this show just can make you feel good while watching it.

When Alexa went to high school and couldn’t do anything, her best friend Katie did everything in her power to make her excited for high school again.

Throughout the show the comedy is just hilarious. All the actors succeed in making the live audience laugh.

Some people would say that this is their comfort show because it’s such a chill and feel-good show. On certain days when you are feeling down, this would be a good show to watch.
“As long as you are my best friend you’re never going through anything alone.” That line from the show would make any best friend smile. Alexa sure did.

Alexa & Katie is similar to Girl Meets World, a Disney show, because it’s two best friends doing everything together and being there for each other.

The whole purpose of the show is friendship. Everybody deserves that one person in their life that they cannot live without.

Alexa & Katie talk all about the highschool problems, anxiety, relationships, etc. which is what makes the show come together.

The show is perfect to watch with your friends at a sleepover or just anywhere. It will make your heartmelt if you watch it.