Rapper Autumn drops his best album yet

Well-known rapper Autumn recently dropped an album and it’s probably the greatest album he’s dropped so far.

If you listen to underground music then you have probably heard about the artist known as Autumn! Underground music is a term people use to describe music that is not mainstream or not as well known as people like Lil Baby and artists like him, although Autumn has over 1 million monthly listeners on spotify.

Autumn dropped his long-anticipated album called “Golden Child, Chapter 3,” or GC3 for short. I liked his album and a lot of his fans enjoyed it as well by saying good things about the album on the internet. If you listen to Autumn’s music often, you could definitely tell how much his music has improved from his last album and older projects he put out.

Comparing his last album “Antagonist” to GC3, GC3 is far more improved than Antagonist. Antagonist was a good album but I didn’t like as many songs on Antagonist as I did with GC3. I could say Antagonist could’ve been better, even though it was a decent album I’d rate it a 6.5/10. Autumn himself even said similar statements on his Instagram page regarding Antagonist. 

The reason his album was so good is because of the melodic songs on the album which really showcase his unique sound and how he does music differently. There was a mixture of songs that go hard and some that were more of a calm type of vibe. On his album if you listen through the whole thing the songs have intros and outros that transition into each other. Because of the transitions it makes the album flow really well together when you listen to it from start to finish.

With Autumn’s melodic and unique sounding music you would definitely enjoy listening to GC3. Personally, I’d say the whole album is a 9/10. It’s definitely a noteworthy album I end up listening to multiple times. Some tracks like God’s Child, 50M Freestyle, Twotimestwo, I Am The Goat, and Recollections of Fame were some of my favorite songs on the album.  What I’ll say about Autumn is his music certainly isn’t generic and he doesn’t sound like every other rapper as some people would say about generic-sounding artists.

I could sum up this review by saying GC3 is very unique. Non generic sounding, transitions between each song, and very good songs on the album. Autumn has certainly peaked with the release of this album and I wonder what he is going to do with his music career in the future.