Users upset by potential TikTok ban

Jamorah Edwards, Staff Writer

TikTok was a platform created to connect people with the same interest all over the world. The app kept a lot of people from going insane during COVID and gave a platform to people who deserved to be heard. 

Most people feel that TikTok is a safe space. But now that space is being threatened by the government who is working on banning TikTok because they don’t want the Chinese government to endanger sensitive user data. TikTok is owned by a Chinese company, which gives their government access to the information.

“If TikTok gets banned, I would be very sad because I use it for almost half the day as a pastime,” Senior Cayden Haywood said.

 TikTok is the main source of entertainment and communication for many students  and most will miss it.

“I think the banning of TikTok is a bad decision because it helps people all around the world. It has a huge impact on people’s lives globally,” Senior Armada Clark-Green said.

 TikTok  changed the game for other social media apps like Instagram by allowing people to express themselves freely without putting false narratives on them. Which attracted people who needed a laugh and wanted off of toxic apps. So people who use TikTok is named to be in its own category according to people who use it because of this.

“I’ll be really upset [if it is banned] because it’s a good app and we don’t get many of those often. It’s different from other forms of social media like instagram and snapchat,” Senior Jeremiah Roberts said 

TikTok has many creators on its platform that make videos to promote their businesses and other businesses.

“… It helped me reach more people in my community and around the area, bring more attention to my business and gain clientele,” said Clark-Green, who has her own hair salon. 

 While some who are on TikTok are trying to shine light on their small businesses and gain clientele, there are others who want to help get people started on their own.

“What I learned from TikTok was how to make popular videos and how to edit them. I also learned about online businesses I possibly could start. As well as where to get jewelry and outfit ideas from,” Haywood said.

Users complain that banning TikTok would restrict their First Amendment rights. People note that Facebook users had security issues and their information was stolen, but Facebook is still up and running.

“Definitely I feel as though they are restricting the First Amendment because TikTok is about  being able to have the freedom to say what you want,” Roberts said.

Users say TikTok has inspired them to be themselves.

“TikTok has taught me that there are different ways to do things, as well as that it’s OK to be different and that being different is good,” Roberts said. 
If TikTok does happen to be removed, it will undoubtedly be missed.

“I would miss the funny videos on TikTok, the accounts I follow for inspiration for clothes and making videos,” Haywood said.