Students’ Prom costs keep creeping up

Prom season is around the corner and everyone wants to dress to impress. Hair, tux, shoes, 

ride and, most importantly the dresses, are all qualities students are excited to get to make their Prom night a moment to remember. 

The question is, how much does it all cost? 

Some girls spend $300 to $400 just to get their hair done. This is because the hair must be purchased first, then installed by a hairdresser. 

 “My hair costs about  $300 to buy and $170 to get done” Senior K’nyla Roberts said.

The prices of the hair vary depending on what style is desired.

“My hair cost me around $406 [total]. My wig was $258 and the international fee was $8,” Senior Diamond Foster said. “There was a deposit of $30 to book my hair appointment, then my hair appointment total is $110.” 

Male students attending Prom usually do not spend as much on hair, but more on other accessories.

“My hair was only $30, but my suit cost about $300. All together on Prom as of now I think I have spent $1,500 ” Senior Dedrick Newell said.

This year’s Prom will be held at Avalon Manor with the theme being “City Beyond the Stars.” Seeing people’s dresses is the most anticipated moment of the night. 

Many girls spend almost thousands of dollars on their desired Prom dress, making it the most expensive purchase on their Prom list.

“My dress cost about $1,350 and I didn’t really have control of how much was spent,” Senior Destiny Clark said. “Even though it was costly, I’m glad I bought it because I couldn’t have found a more perfect dress.”

Dresses are traditionally bought in boutiques, but some are custom made.

Senior K’nyla Roberts had to get her dress made earlier so it could be done in time for the event.

“My dress cost about over $2,000 because it was a custom,” Roberts said. “I had to get it made months before Prom just so it could arrive on time, but it was worth it in the end”

A popular Prom tradition is the Prom “send off,” where you invite your friends and family to celebrate you arriving to your big night. 

“My send off was expensive to pay for because me and my mom had to buy decorations, food, and stuff almost like a party,” Senior Asia Palmer said. “Mostly my family is coming since all of my friends are also having send offs for their Prom.”

After Prom, many students have plans made with family or friends, which also is part of their expenses.

A lot of seniors, like Damiah Shaw, plan on going to Six Flags on Saturday.

“I’m very excited because I’ve never been to Six Flags before and I think it would be a good ending to my senior Prom,” Shaw said.