Impact Day program helps facilitators and participants grow


Facilitators work with their groups during the “Cupid Shuffle” activitity.

As an ongoing part of celebrating the school’s diversity, MHS puts on several Impact Day programs throughout the year.

The program is a way for students from different grades and groups to participate in activities together and share personal experiences. The goal is for students to gain empathy for one another. 

Seniors and juniors are trained by Guidance Counselor Beverly Van Drunen and Ms. Jackeline Mondragon to act as facilitators for the activities.

“Being a facilitator, I feel has a huge impact, not only being able to learn more about yourself, but also about the other people inside of your group,” Junior Destiny Givens said. “I think its really good having that socially emotional day and being able to be the one that can kind of control the environment.”  

Participants learn that they have more in common with other students than they might think.

“Sometimes, you may feel like you’re all alone and no one else is going through it and then you talk to someone and you’re like oh my gosh! We’re going through the same thing,” Senior Kayla Mabon said. 

Givens noted that the program brings together people that would probably never have a conversation otherwise.

“I think that it allows you to humble yourself,” she said. “Whether you are a senior or a freshman, whether you are a different race, or different age, or different upbringing, you share something in common with the people around you.” 

Senior Tiffany Nolen, also a facilitator, has learned to be less judgmental. 

“I learned to not always judge people before getting to know them because you never know what goes on at home or in their minds,” she said. 

Students are referred to the program by teachers and guidance counselors.

“I think everybody should be able to have the opportunity to do a Impact Day,” Mabon said. “It’s very relaxing and its rejuvenating like revitalizing honestly because you take one day and you get to process everything and you have people help you and I think that’s really good.” 

The program always starts off with an ice breaker where groups work together to make up their own version of the “Cupid Shuffle,” which helps them bond. Then they move to an open space where they do small group activities to get to know each other on a more personal level.

Givens enjoys the opportunity to help others. 

“It really feels great to even see people after Impact Day is over that still interact with you or wave to you and to know you made them feel safe in that moment,” she said. 

Mabon said it’s nice to see the kids she’s facilitated around the school.

“I grow bonds that I didn’t even think that I could,” she said. “Some of those kids don’t even seem approachable, so its really nice to grow and gain more friends and family during Impact Day.” 


To be a facilitator (leader) for group activities you can contact Ms. Mondragon and or Ms. VanDrunen.