Student challenges himself on multiple instruments


While some students struggle with playing one instrument as it is, Cole Hurst plays four and will soon learn to play more. 

“I learned in sixth grade to play my first instrument, which is the cello,” he said. “Then later, I learned to play the guitar, bass, and a little bit of the drums. It wasn’t too long ago. I plan on learning how to play the piano. That’s the main instrument I want to learn because I feel like it’s everything. Like everything comes from the piano. It sounds nice.” 

Although Hurst enjoys playing all four instruments, he likes the guitar the most. 

“The guitar is my favorite instrument because it’s like a lot more I can do rather than the other instruments I play. The guitar is easier to play as well. It’s lighter and the strings are lighter too,” he said. “My dad actually taught me how to play the guitar and bass. I pretty much taught myself the drums and obviously I learned to play the cello in orchestra class.” 

Before finding interest in music and instruments, Hurst was inspired by his dad.

“My dad is in a cover band called Ancient Summer. but they’re not that popular. They perform at bars and parties where they play ‘90s songs. I first found interest in playing instruments when I was in the sixth grade. That’s when I was first introduced to everything in music class,” he said. 

Hurst has had great experiences while performing. 

“The Halloween concert in sixth grade was my first performance. I was playing the cello. It was pretty fun,” he said. “It wasn’t too bad because everyone there had my back. The last Halloween concert I just recently played at was really good because it was my first time playing with the advanced orchestra. It was totally different because everyone knew how to play together. It just sounded great.”

There are some challenging aspects about playing multiple instruments. For Hurst, one of them is playing alone in front of a big crowd. 

“I do feel nervous but it has gotten better as I’ve played more in concerts and during orchestra. I feel a lot more comfortable when I’m recording myself playing,” he said. “I overcome being nervous by pretending I’m by myself and that no one is watching. It’s just getting over the fear of just being yourself. It’s different when you’re playing alone and no one else can hear you.”