Freshman softball player gains early accolades


Elizabeth Anderson

Rheana Early made all-DAC in her freshman year.

Growing up watching her two older brothers play baseball inspired her to get into the game of softball. 10 years later Freshman Rheana Early is starting on varsity as a freshman.

Playing softball for 10 years, Early has learned a lot from her playing experience.

“Softball has taught me a lot of life lessons, it helped me build relationships with a lot of people and helped me meet some of my closest friends,” Early said.

Early having two brothers help her progress was a great experience, but also difficult at times. 

“It’s sometimes frustrating because they try to teach me sometimes but I really do appreciate it and I’ve also learned a lot from them so I’m thankful,” she said.

Working for 10 years to get to this point, Early’s hard work has paid off to play varsity softball as a freshman. She was voted all-DAC in her first year.

“It feels great to be honest,” she said. “I get to show off the hard work that I put in for the last 10 years, the results are really showing.”

Early admits that there is a huge playing difference between high school and travel softball.

“Travel is more intense and the competition is on a whole different level; high school ball is fun and gives you a break from travel ball and helps you meet new people,” Early said.

While in season Early has to balance having fun while being locked in and playing hard.

“My attitude towards the game is different, like in travel ball, more serious but I still have my fun. But with the competition level in travel ball you have to stay focused along with having fun,” Early said.

Softball is a source of therapy and joy for Early.

“As much stress as it brings, it also brings peace. It’s something I understand, I have fun doing, and build relationships with,” she said.

In Early’s time playing she has made some lifetime memories that she won’t forget.

“Best memory was definitely winning the nationals last year in Canton, Mich. I got to be with the people I love while doing what I love, making a memory that I’ll remember forever,” she said.

Even in her first high school season, Early has made some memories this year.

“My favorite moment so far had to be senior night or the LaPorte game because we were really competing and playing well,” Early said.

Softball beyond high school is still in the process as she is still unsure.

“I’m not sure about my future in softball,” Early said.  “If I get offered to play somewhere, I would definitely take it. It really depends on how I feel in the future because I want to pursue the medical field.”