Juniors prepare to take graduation stage a year early


Junior Diamond Foster will be graduating this Friday.

Some impressive students have been on a roll with finishing up high school. MHS has several students that have accomplished the goal of being able to graduate an entire year early.

Junior Diamond Foster has taken big steps to achieve her goal of graduating high school early.

“My mom graduated high school early, so I wanted to follow in her footsteps and also I want to get a head start on life,” she said

Although the finish line is in sight, she did face some difficulties.

“My biggest struggle was probably  having two English classes in one trimester,” Foster said.

However, Foster found strategies to overcome those challenges.

“I studied a lot, I spoke up and asked my teachers for help, and I wouldn’t procrastinate with my work because we have deadlines so I would get my work done as fast as I could,” she said.

Foster has been taking the business and nursing pathways to pursue her dreams of becoming a nurse in the trauma unit and becoming a cosmetologist.

“After graduating, I will be attending  cosmetology school for nine months, and then I will be going to a university for business and nursing,” she said.

As a junior graduating early Foster has participated in many senior activities.

“I went to the dodgeball game, and prom. Now I plan to attend the senior walk around and the senior breakfast,” Foster said.

Foster is one of four students graduating in just three years. The other three are Kadence Richardson, Kiarrah Bailey and Cjay Porter.

“I didn’t even realize I was graduating early until November in the second trimester,” Richardson said.

She was able to take extra classes to build her credits.

“What led to me graduating early is taking extra classes in day and night school, and in November I talked to my counselor and she told me that I had enough credits to graduate this year,” she said

During high school, Richardson has picked the health/ medical pathway that would lead to her continuing school for dentistry. 

“I picked the Health/ Medical pathway — i don’t want to be a nurse i want to be a dentist, buy high school dont have classes for dentistry until college” She said

Although some students have many struggles throughout high school, Richardson has had a different experience.

“Honestly, graduating early did not have much of a struggle because most of my classes I took were in night school, and night school classes were actually easy and I do them online for extra credits. Now that I am done with them, my main focus is my main course classes,” she said.

Richardson plans to get a head start on her “adult life.”

“After graduation, I plan to get a job until I start college,” she said. “Once summer ends, I will be attending Purdue to partake in dentistry classes and main course classes so that I can finish my pathway.

“One thing I will miss is the people I’m used to seeing every day and that my high school life will be over.”