Students enjoy reminiscing during return to elementary schools


Life at elementary school is creating memories that remain cheerful. During the recent Senior Walk-around, students enjoyed revisiting those memories and creating new ones.

“[The students] were really happy to see us and it’s cool to feel like a kid again,” Hanna Trzupek said. “Seeing how far I’ve grown brought back so many memories…it brings me to tears seeing little kids and saying, ‘This was me,’ ”

She misses the freedom of her youth while at Miller, but understands everyone is growing up.

“We didn’t have responsibilities when we were little, but I’m excited about where I’m going in life, so it feels like I didn’t miss it,” Trzupek said. 

The students revisited all their favorite spots from their time at Miller — the classrooms, the gym, the cafeteria, and the library — and saw many of their former teachers. 

“We walked around the hallways to see all the kids and then to the gym. I could go back to the music room because that’s where I got my love for music from. It brought back a lot of memories and it kicked into reality that I’m going to be graduating soon,” Trzupek said.

Adonis Watson attended Salk Elementary School and explains the joy he felt while walking eight years later. 

“It was an emotional positivity because personally, everything got weird after elementary school which is why it is so comfortable being there again,” Watson said. 

He says life was simple and doesn’t require the stress he faces today.

“When I was little, I didn’t need to worry about scholarships, colleges, high GPA, or perfect grades. I could just do basic math and eat lunch with friends,” Watson said.

Watson understands that people change, so he gives advice to the kids at Salk Elementary.

After Salk, people changed because we got older. I leveled out after Salk. I was a little hyperactive. Now I see myself as chill. “I told the kids to enjoy elementary school while they can,” Watson said. 

Taylor Miller has also attended Miller since kindergarten. 

“It was very nostalgic. I was happy and sad at the same time because I realized that I’m growing up. I remember being young and thinking the ceilings were so high until I got there,” Miller said.

She misses her youth at Miller but started to mature in M.I.S.

“I miss my youth in Miller because it was easy going back then and a lot of socialization. It was easier to make friends back then,” she said. “I feel like I matured on the 5th-6th. I wasn’t as childish and feel like I would be on my own at that young age.”