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Strikes shake up movie, TV schedules for the fall

A series of strikes has altered our entertainment landscape this fall.

Starting May 2, writers went on a work strike until an agreement recently was reached.  Due to the rise of AI in the past few years, the rising threat of writing jobs being replaced with programs such as Chat GPT has come up in recent times. This along with reduced pay in recent years, writers had agreed to no longer write or produce any TV show or movies.  Thus in turn causing movies and TV shows that had been scheduled to release being pushed back to a later date. 

The actors joined them on July 14th, striking over a number of issues including pay and residuals from streaming. 

With the two strikes many highly anticipated shows and movies have been pushed back to a later or undisclosed date. Movies such as:

  •  Deadpool 3
  • Avengers: The Kang Dynasty
  • Captain America: Brave New World
  • Spiderman Beyond the Spider-Verse
  • Dune Part 2
  • Avatar 3 & 4

Have all been pushed back ranging from July 2024 to August 2026. TV shows such as 

  • Euphoria
  • House of Dragons 
  • Stranger Things Season 5
  • Batman Spinoff “Penguin”

Has also been pushed back to a later or undisclosed date.

With these push backs on fan favorite series and movies, many people are looking for new things to watch until things are back to being released. In solution, here are TV show recommendations to pass the time until then. 

The first show is Breaking Bad,  the story of a highschool chemistry teacher with cancer who transforms into a drug kingpin. Currently being the highest rated show ever, Breaking Bad is sure to draw you into the character development and story. 

The next recommendation is Severance, a show about a man who severs his work memories from his personal life. Essentially creating two versions of him, one that’s constantly at work, and one that gets to live his life on the outside without remembering what he does at his job. Over time the main character begins to become suspicious of what he actually does at his job, and also begins to question the moral dilemma of essentially keeping a version of him trapped at work 24/7.

The last show recommendation is Barry, an HBO show about a hit man who has to travel to Los Angeles to complete a  job on an actor. Soon he finds out though that he may actually have a passion for acting, and now has to balance the life between being a hitman and an actor. This show just recently came to an end so you won’t be waiting for any seasons to come out. Any of these shows would be a good pick to pass the time.


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