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Drake’s New Album- Hit or Miss?

Drake is one of the biggest names in the industry, and every couple of years as he continues to release bangers. 

Recently, Drake dropped his album For All the Dogs that essentially has some interests and concerns. 

The album itself contains 23 tracks lasting for a total of 84 minutes. As this is longer than most of his previous projects, it does strike some questions.

Most of the tracks on this project contain popular artists such as PARTYNEXTDOOR, Sexyy Red, Sza, Chief Keef, J. Cole, and a few others. Although I feel like this attracts more media attention, I think that it takes away from Drake’s natural talent of mixing up rapping and singing. 

He manages to contribute just enough of his voice to still make the song his, but it feels like he kind of handed it into the hands of other trending artists. In “Rich Baby Daddy”, Sexyy Red is heard repeating the same line over and over again.

Contrary to that, the album did have a good amount of variety and uniqueness of beats, features, and flows. Drake has great skill in selecting the artists that he collabs with. They manage to bring diversity and range into his tracks. His power to blend rap and R&B in this album differs from most of the rappers who stick to just one genre in their music.

As the album debuts at number one in Australia, with the lead single “Slime You Out,” For All the Dogs has found its way to ladder its way to the top.

Drake has made a peek as his old self once again. He brings back the flows of his old eras. Because of this, the nostalgia of his audience has peaked. 

Essentially in all of the tracks, Drake manages to stay on the topics of women, money, and the animosity he receives. As this received some major backlash from many critics, it also accomplished to allow many more people to get in tune with the album.

Overall, the album was a good mix of sentimentality and a new era mix. It gave those who have listened to his music and newcomers a sample of who drake was, is, and who he could be.

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