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New exorcist can’t live up to the original

The new Exorcist movie has received some pretty bad reviews. It’s a sequel to the older films starring Olivia O’neill, Lidya Jewett, and has a few people from the original movie such as Linda Blair (Regan) and Ellen Burstyn (Regan’s mom). 

The sequel focuses on two young girls being possessed by demons after going out into the woods so one of them could try to speak to her dead mother. 

The whole movie was banal, everything about it, the acting, the “scares”, everything. Although the makeup was good, the plot was very predictable. We were promised an old-school style with new elements, but the film felt so generic.

There are some similarities in the films although it’s the differences that make the new one not nearly as good as the old one. Their 2023 take on the movie kind of diminishes the old, unsettling vibe of the 1973 one. This is definitely the worst sequel in the entire franchise. 

The priest in the new film, like in the old one, was told the exorcism was too dangerous, but in the old film, he continues anyways despite what anyone says. The new priest sat in his car and prayed for most of the exorcism, and then finally came inside to help. 

Another thing that was different was instead of one girl being possessed (Regan in the original) there were two girls possessed (Katherine and Angela). This also threw everything off. It was very confusing and dumb. I’m still wondering how that happened. 

Almost 50 years old, the original Exorcist is a classic and remains one of the scariest films today world-wide. The movie was banned from theaters in the UK because people fainted and vomited while watching it. The new one can’t compare. 


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