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Senior hopes to inspire with his clothing brand

Senior Wiley Creal shows off one of his hoodies.

Watching YouTube videos about creating your own business inspired Senior Wiley Creal to actually begin his own business. Creal, a multi-sport athlete and an entrepreneur, has created his very own platform for clothing with a positive vibe. 

The business, “Virtu Global,” originated with the idea of Creal wanting to help better others. The word “virtu” is linked with the definition of the good qualities inherent in a person or thing. To stand out and to better others were some of Creal’s only goals in creating his own brand.

A lot of people come out with brands with no meaning. I think mine has a positive, strong meaning such as bettering yourself and just being a better person.”

Wiley has always aspired to be a part of the fashion industry since he was younger.

“I’ve always been really interested in fashion, I used to watch a lot of YouTube videos on it. I always knew I wanted to make my own brand. I finally had the time and opportunity to do it, and I did it,” Creal said.

He started the company with a little bit of money and found a manufacturer in China, along with some work spaces where he created mockups of clothes.

With a growing audience, Creal has received numerous positive reviews on all aspects of his brand including hoodies, shirts, hats and more. 

“The color combinations are really nice and Wiley supports and wears his brand which kind of just stood out to me. Most brands just promote it without wearing their own clothes, Wiley doesn’t do that,” said Keonjanay Viverette, a customer of the brand.

Creal has found some challenges in maintaining  the business as many of the aspects of it have caused some burdens.

“You might think it’s good but do you really know if it’s really going to sell a lot. Just like financially, preorders and stuff like that does take a lot of money, a lot of time to find good manufacturers and just to make sure it comes out right. Also to get everything on time,” he said.

Juggling through school, sports, and the business world, Creal has to find loopholes to allow time to tend to his business as all of it can get overwhelming.

“It’s kind of hard sometimes, like when the season gets really intense, to try and balance all of it. I always try to make sure that I set time aside during the weekend to just focus on school work I have to make up or just bettering my business,” he said.

As others have tried to break him and his business down, Creal has had to find his motive to stay determined and push through the criticism.

“Most of the time I just ignore it, keep moving forward, just keep improving myself and my brand because I know that’s what I wanna do,” Creal said.


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