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Fans flock to view Super Bowl commercials

There’s two types of people on Super Bowl sunday. The diehard football fans banking on a team to win and the diehard commercial fans waiting to see the new commercials and new movies being announced on the biggest stage. This year’s big sunday came with plenty of new commercials and movie drops that caught fans’ eyes. 

Here’s my top commercial’s seen on this year’s big stage with a big movie drop that plenty of disney fans have been waiting for. 

  1. Kanye West and North West commercial. This commercial was at a good timing promoting Kanye west new album “Vultures 1” and also having his daughter North West who is a young internet influencer. The commercial also promotes Kanye West’s new clothing brand “”. I liked the commercial because it had North West singing and I like Kayne promoting his daughter more, especially because she is starting to do more internet appearances. 
  2. NFL Born to Play. This commercial reminded me a lot of the NFL 100 commercial just with more up-to-date players. It promoted football internationally, beginning with a kid’s imagination having NFL players like Justin Jefferson, Cameron Jordan and Saquon Barkley chase him. Another thing that popped to my eyes was the colors in the commercial. One thing I didn’t really like about the Kanye commercial was it was dark and didn’t have colors, but this one was full of colors and different actions.
  3. The State Farm commercial featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The commercial, just like the NFL born to play, had lots of different action scenes and colors and it had a good amount of humor, playing off of Arnold’s accent. The commercial also featured Danny DeVito and overall was a good commercial that I think a lot more people would like also.
  4. Volkswagen. This commercial had a mixture of color and black-and-white scenes, color showing older cars and newer cars which I liked. It showed different scenes like Star Wars, a car drying off a ramp on a roof going to the next roof and a couple getting married plus different models of cars. I think if there’s anyone who likes cars and different scenes with cars they would appreciate this commercial like I did.
  5. Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin Donuts commercials featured Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Jack Harlow, Jennifer Lopez, & Fat Joe. The joke was Ben Affleck bursting into his wife’s recording star with his new group — the DunKings. It had a little humor with lots of stars and had a moment of them singing and dancing, and Tom Brady being a DJ.
  6. Not a commercial but something lots of Disney fans, including myself, have been waiting on, a new inside out being published July 14, 2024 and introducing a new character Anxiety to the five that already exist: Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness. 


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