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Preparations gear up as prom approaches

Each year students work to find their own unique style for prom.

Prom is now in season and preparations are in full swing. With plans on top of plans, appointments on top of appointments, and expenses on top of expenses, everyone is busy getting ready for prom. Dozens of people also have their eyes closely trained on this year’s trends in regards to hair, makeup, cars, outfits, and more to ensure that they come through those Avalon doors looking and feeling like the best of the best for their prom night.

A prime example would be Senior Lorean Williams who made sure to plan in advance just in case something went wrong with her preparations.

“I’m texting people in advance so that I can get my appointments in,” she said. “I made backup appointments. I got three appointments for my hair, two for my makeup, you know so things won’t be so stressful when somebody does cancel.”

On the opposite hand, Senior Dontae Pope doesn’t find himself worrying too much about planning for prom, only focusing on his before and after-party plans at the moment.

“I’ve kind of been going with the flow, so I didn’t have any problems,” he said. “Now, has my mom had problems? Probably. She didn’t tell me. She wants me to enjoy this as much as possible.”

Rather than worrying about pre-prom preparations, Senior Carlton Clay worries about the weekend and the following Monday, which is when many AP Government students will be taking their exam.

“A lot of stuff is happening that weekend,” he said. “We can’t even participate in Senior Ditch Day because of the exam the following day. Plans like where we’re going to eat at after and what we’re doing the next day is the only difficulty. Who’s coming, who’s not, getting all that stuff is pretty difficult.”

Clay, being last year’s Prom King, will be crowning this year’s Prom Queen and King, which is different from the previous tradition of the previous queen doing the crowning.

“It’s kind of like a ‘passing it down’ type of thing. But, it’s pretty cool. It’s fun to share the moment with more people, and honestly, I just want to see their reaction up close,” said Clay.

Alongside the excitement of the Prom Queen and King finally being revealed, many people are looking forward to hearing what kind of music MHS’ local DJ will come with this time at such a highly-expected event.

“You know, I was planning to only go for like 30 minutes, but I heard DJ Super was dj-ing, so I’m like ‘Shoot, I might stay for like an hour thirty depending on how I’m feeling,’ you know? He always brings some good music,” said Pope.

Even more excitement is building within students to see what kind of dresses, suits, and hair people will show off this year. Many are expecting to see the trending mermaid-style dresses and a lot of glam.

“I feel like it’s the tight at the top and the fluffy feathers at the bottom. It’s going to be a lot of diamond dresses head to toe this year and a lot bobs,” said Senior Nariah Williams.

L. Williams also sees the trend of short hairstyles as well as she’s expecting to see a lot of pin-ups. However she doesn’t see eye-to-eye with the mermaid-style dress trend that’s expected to persistently stay around this year.

“I think they’re going to steer away from those because that was very popular last year. I do think a lot detailed dresses are more in style,” she said. “People are going more for detail and not simple.”

For the guys, Pope is looking forward to fancy rides and luxury brand clothing to make an appearance through fitted-suits and shoes.

“Definitely a lot of designer,” he said. “I think some Amiris, the fancy cars like Rolls Royce, designer shoes, and probably some really fancy custom suits.”

Besides getting a nice outfit out of prom, a fancy dinner, or a crazy after-party, students are hoping for a fun but whimsical night that they can remember for years to come.

“I expect to have so much fun, to get great memories out of it, and for it to be an overall 10 out of 10 experience,” said Senior Emma Browning.

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