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Students turn passions into paychecks with small businesses

When it comes down to high school students following their dreams, some students have already found their passion and are already running successful businesses.

Trinity Collins and Jo Ale Thomas are two inspired young women here at school, who’ve started their own businesses.

“I started baking around March of last year 2023. And I was at my house and I was scrolling on Pintrest and I saw a bunch of treats, and said ok I wanna do this,” Thomas said. 

One key to success for Thomas has been having a support system to rely on.

“Main thing I’ve learned was that even when you feel like you’re in it by yourself, you always have someone that supports you even in the slightest way. Like sometimes my parents buy my groceries for me, and my friends have offered,” she said.

Still, Thomas has had to face some struggles along the way managing her business and work as a student.

“Well I’m a student-athlete and it is hard to balance practice, baking, and also being a student. People are hating, and it’s hard trying to keep a positive mindset about everything, and maintain and balance my time,” said Thomas, who is on the track team. 

She has some advice for others inspired to start a business of their own, and tells the truth about what it takes to be successful.

“Starting up a business, especially a small business, isn’t easy, and social media makes it seems like it’s all rainbows, but there’s definitely down sides about everything. And a lot of people don’t want to spend money to start a business. But you have to spend money to make money,” she said.

Meanwhile, Trinity Collins has started a successful nail-care business.

“I started thinking about doing my business last summer, and I went to somebody and she did my nails very slow. And I was like ‘hold on!’ If she can do it I can do it, too. So I just started doing it.”

After Collins started, she gained recognition in the halls and online due to her sharp and neat technique.

“When I went viral on TikTok not too long ago, I posted a short set and it was very simple and they just liked it. It must have been my shaping and everything else but they liked it. And if you like it, I love it,” Collins said.

 Collins has found encouragement on several fronts.

“All of my clients motivated me, and they’re always in my face saying that I need to be charging more, and you’re too cheap,” she said. “And then there’s my mama, she’s always paying for everything. And if I’m broke and I need something she’s on it immediately.”

Collins knows how much work it takes to own a business and still be in high school; and how stressful it can be to be successful.

“I am so busy because I also have a job, so my work schedule runs into my school schedule, my nail schedule, and I run track, too. I am always just too busy,” she said. 

While money is always a prime motivation, Collins loves many aspects of owning her own business.

“You’re your own manager and your own boss and nobody is watching over you. And, if you make mistakes, you take care of that. You do everything yourself, and nobody has to tell you what to do. You are your own boss, and that is my encouragement,” Collins said.




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