Heavenly Bullard

Q: Describe how you were feeling when you first found out you were nominated to be on the court.
A: “So I honestly had no idea I was nominated until Saturday morning. I was texting in the class of ‘21 group chat and my friend Kennedy (Halliburton) was like, ‘Heavenly probably got nominated whole time and just ain’t check her email.’ I was like hmm let me check, so when I looked and saw ‘YOU ARE NOMINATED’ I just lost it. First I started laughing because man, maybe I do need to check my email more, but I went straight to my mom’s room and told her the news and we both were just excited!”

Q: What extracurricular activities are you involved in?
A: “I have been on the Dance Team for all of my 4 years of high school. I am currently the Dance Team captain, a member of PNN and the Yearbook Staff, Student Government, treasurer of National Honors Society, and Vice President of class of 2021.”

Q: What are your plans for after high school?
A: “Post-graduation I would like to attend the University of Prairie View A&M in Texas. There I will be majoring in Biology. I plan on going into Dentistry to become an orthodontist out of Texas.”

Q: What is one of your favorite high school memories?
Heavenly : “Some of my favorite high school experiences were definitely the football games my junior year, especially the fan bus ride to and from Semi-state.”

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