Even if you can’t afford the new iPhone, there’s something new for you

Lauren Gunnell, Staff Writer

For the past few weeks, iOS 14 ,the new update for iPhones has captivated most iPhone users, especially because of the new home screen feature. Although it is pretty cool, its not the only new feature so here are 6 new features from iOS 14 that you can try out.

First, to get the update, you go to Setting>General>Software Update, and then select Download and Install.

The first feature is ‘Back Tap’, where you can tap the back of your phone two times or three times to do things like screenshot, go to your home screen, go to your lock screen, and more. To activate ‘Back Tap’, you go Settings>Accessability>Touch>Back Tap and then you can choose what tasks you want to do with Double Tap and Triple Tap.

The second feature is compact calling, which display phone calls and FaceTime calls in a small rectangle at the top of your screen, instead of taking over the whole screen.

The third feature is Picture in Picture, where you can continue to watch videos or continue a FaceTime call while using another app.

In the fourth feature, you can reply to certain messages of your choice and create a thread for that specific message, without being interrupted by other messages in a group chat.

In the fifth feature, you can pin you most important conversations to the top of your conversation list for quicker access.

And last, but not least, the home screen feature, where you can change your app icons to pictures of your choosing and have large pictures of your choosing all over your home screen. The larger pictures are called ‘Widgets’ and to make those, you have to download the app “Widgetsmith” where you will be able to create and customize widgets to put on your home screen, and to change your app icons, you suse the “Shortcuts” app the is automatically installed with the update.

Even if you aren’t interested in customizing your homescreen, there are still a few cool features you can use to make life easier while using your iPhone.