Tennis team ends season with a Sectional title


Senior Ronald Greene grabbed a victory in the Sectional championship game with his partner Micah Rayburn at No. 1 doubles.

Katherine Mesarch, Staff Writer

Katherine Mesarch
Staff writer

It was a challenging season for the boys’ tennis team, but they pulled through for a victory to earn their fourth straight Sectional title.
“It felt great to win because my team and I kept the streak alive as competition gets tougher every year,” Junior Benzi Corrales said, who posted a victory at No. 2 singles.
It was especially sweet for the team’s seniors.
“It felt amazing to win my sectional match. It proved that my hard work paid off,” said Senior Ronald Greene, who played No. 1 doubles with Micah Rayburn.
The team once again beat Hobart 3-2 to secure the championship, with Senior Noah Terpstra leading the way at No. 1 singles.
To prepare for their matches the players took a similar approach by practicing and getting into “the zone.”
“The hardest part of the doubles game I played was not disappointing everyone since I was very nervous,” Rayburn said.
“I especially didn’t want to disappoint or bring down my partner because Ronald and I have been talking about multiple ways to beat the doubles team at Hobart, and we both really wanted this win.”
The team was defeated by Hanover Central in the opening round at Regionals, but winning another Sectional title was a big milestone for the team.
Wins like these are what keep members of the team coming back year after year to get better and win again.
“I hate losing so over everything else my competitiveness brings me back every year because I want to do better than the last season,” Corrales said.
Rayburn shared similar sentiments.
“What got me into tennis was my friends. My friends were really motivating so I decided to follow them in the sport they do even though they don’t play the sport anymore,” Rayburn said. “My commitment to get better made me want to come back into the season. I guess you can say, my tennis coach, Coach Lonnie, put that in me.”