TikTok artists promote body postivity


Lauren Gunnell, Staff Writer

In this day and age, its hard to be confident, especially for teenage girls, because many people are very judgemental. Some people don’t consider girls as beautiful if they don’t look exactly like the models in magazines, or on TV, which has caused insecurities in many girls,but that is slowly changing as female creators on the app TikTok strive to show girls that they are beautiful no matter what.

One teen, 16-year-old Sienna Mae (@siennamae), makes a lot of TikTok videos that show her belly, and she often demonstrates that angles, poses, lighting, and clothing make a big difference in they way people look.
She always reminds and encourages her followers to be confident, and to love themselves. Her followers love her content and usually comment messages like “she really helps with my confidence.” She also made a clothing line called confident is cute where each clothing piece has an inspirational message on it.

Brooklynne (@xobrooklynne), also 16, also posts videos encouraging girls to be more confident and bringing awareness to the fact that social media can be deceiving, especially when it comes to girls’ bodies.

These girls are slowly, but surely, making a difference in the world by spreading body positivity and normalizing realistic body types.