Cook up something new: Pesto pasta




Hannah Robinson, Staff Writer

Ever since quarantine started people have been trying new things or trying to improve their skills one thing I have been doing more often is trying recipes. The summer of 2019 is when I tasted pesto pasta for the first time. I was at a restaurant and I wanted to try something different so I got pesto not even knowing what it was. When my food finally came out I couldn’t form any words. It looked distasteful, but when I eventually tried it I loved it! So me being trapped in the house I wanted to make my own. It’s healthy, has great flavor and also easy to make, so I do recommend it.
One reason I fell in love with this dish is because of its taste. The pasta is paired with thick garlicky light green sauce with a strong taste of herbs due to the basil. Not forgetting about the thin sliced almonds and fresh tomatoes paired on top of your pasta with a side of sauteed chicken. This recipe is on the lighter side; it doesn’t contain as much sauce as spaghetti or chicken alfredo so if you’re ok with more pasta than sauce I would definitely recommend this dish. When eating this, it’s like a party of rich flavors dancing on your tongue. If your go to is and chicken tenders or the person you’re making the meal for is I wouldn’t worry too much because my brother is the same way and he went and got seconds after taste testing!
Only have thirty minutes to make a meal, tired or you just don’t like cooking? Well I have one for you; Pesto Pasta with a prep time of 5 minutes and another 15 to cook with only five steps. You can’t get a meal easier than that! Not only is this meal easy but it has nutritious factors such as calcium, potassium, and iron. Yes, it’s not only good, but also can be good for your body. Pesto is loaded with antioxidants due to olive oil, basil, garlic, and nuts.
This is an excellent dish to make it work for a regular day where you would like some pasta or a special occasion. After trying this dish you will fall in love with it and find yourself making it from time to time again.