Teachers begin receiving COVID vaccines


Miss Hannah Gaffney shows off her card after receiving her first COVID shot.

Lauren Molenda, Editor

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought many hardships and struggles to people across the globe. However, over a year later, we are starting to see the beginning of the end. As of the first week of March, teachers along with other school staff and officials in Indiana are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, allowing for a safer school and home environment for everyone.

Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Mrs. Hannah Gaffney received her first dose on March 17, and says her choice to get the vaccine was more about protecting those around her than for herself.

“I decided to get the vaccine because I have family members who are at high risk for COVID, and I wanted to do my part to keep them safe,” Mrs. Gaffney said. “I also felt it was something I could do to help keep others, my students included, safe in my community.”

Mrs. Gaffney feels that the whole process went smoothly, taking only an hour out of her day and leaving her with only some minor soreness in her arm.

“For the rest of the day I felt kind of weak and I couldn’t lift my arm very high, but it really wasn’t that bad,” Mrs. Gaffney said.

Despite all of the unknowns, Mrs. Gaffney believes getting the vaccine was the best choice for her, and encourages those debating whether or not to get vaccinated to trust look into the science behind it and go with what works for them.

“Ultimately, if you have done your research and thought about your decision you should go with whatever is right for you,” Mrs. Gaffney said. “I think that as a teacher I have chosen a life and career to help care for students, and this is one way that I can keep my students and their families safe!”

Mrs. Shelly Ray, who has been teaching at MHS for 26 years, received her vaccine back in February when it first became available for her.

“As soon as my age group became eligible for the vaccine I informed my husband and he immediately went online and scheduled the vaccine for both of us,” Mrs. Ray said. “We walked in, showed our IDs and within minutes we were vaccinated.”

Mrs. Ray received her second dose a month later, but admits she was hesitant at first after hearing reports of people facing serious side effects after being fully vaccinated. Thankfully, she did not face any major symptoms or harmful results.

“I came to school the next day and the only side effect I experienced was being tired,” Mrs. Ray said. “I am very blessed to be able to have both vaccines and hope that I will not get COVID.”

Mrs. Ray was motivated to get the vaccine after her son tested positive for COVID back in November and still has lingering side effects to this day.

“[My son] strongly encouraged me, and out of love and respect for him I went ahead and got vaccinated,” Mrs. Ray said. “I will encourage all my family and friends to get vaccinated after seeing what it did to my son.”