Muslim genocide in China starts controversy

The genocide of Muslims in Xinjiang sparked protests in Canada, subsequently Canada’s Parliment labelled China’s campaign as genocide and accused the Chinese government on February 22nd. According to CBC News’s article, MPs Vote to label China’s persecution of Uighurs a genocide, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was absent during the vote. After Canada accused China of genocide, on Febrary 28th, China’s ambassador dismissed the genocide accusations in the Xinjiang region. Following that, there were no further words from China.
Many Uighur Muslims in China’s Xinjiang region are facing human right’s violations. Children are stripped from their parents and are relocated in orphanages or “re-education” camps for ethnic cleansing. Adults are sterilized and tortured. If Uighur Muslims are caught practicing their religion, they are sent to concentration camps to either be forced to marry Chinese people of Han ethnicity, be forced into labor, or to be killed and have their organs harvested. The Uighurs who aren’t in these camps are under constant surveillance, are arrested for wearing headscarves and caps, and aren’t allowed to learn their native language. Most of this is revealed in the Vice News China’s Vanishing Muslims documentary.
Usually, it’s okay to be Muslim in China. Hui Chinese Muslims, Muslims of any other Chinese ethnicity, and Muslim immigrants to China are safe. Concentration Camps only have Uighur/Turkic Muslims, so the reason behind the concentration camps is mostly an ethnicity and separatism issue. Many universities in China have cafeterias specifically for Muslims, there are so many mosques spread across China, and there are large Muslim communities in the Xian region too. A significant number of Chinese Muslims are even represented in Chinese art, stamps, and murals. But then again, free Muslims are of specific Chinese ethnicities, such as Hui. Muslims of Uighur ethnicity are incriminated by the Chinese government and are targeted to be put in the concentration camps because they are of Turkish descent.