Angel Nelson leads football team to a dominant start


Noah Molenda, Staff Writer

The Pirates have started off the season dominating every rival in their way. They are now 5-0, coming off their 40-14 win against the Michigan City Wolves.

“Going out every Friday and dominating like we have been feels really good,” starting quarterback Angel Nelson (12) said. “It’s exciting knowing that we’re all going to go out there and play well.”

In just five games, Nelson has had 57 completions on 84 attempts for a total of 1,064 yards and 13 touchdowns. He’s nearing a 70% completion rate, with a 67.9% currently. Nelson’s impressive stats have not gone unnoticed by coaches and fans.

“Most people credit our receivers because they are talented, but the quarterback has to get it there, and Angel always puts the ball right in stride for our guys to make it easier on them,” Head Coach Brad Seiss said.

Nelson is just one piece of the great offense we have seen from Merrillville so far.

“Coming into this season knowing that we had Angel back along with a good offensive line and running game made us feel good about our offense being able to be good, which it has been,” Seiss said. “We can still get better, but with Angel leading us I know he’ll push everyone else to keep improving.”

Varsity receiver Silas Mathis (12), who is off to a strong start, credits Nelson for motivating him not just on the field, but also as a friend.

“In my career, he’s helped me a lot,” Mathis said. “There was a low in my career where I was down due to playing time or being overlooked. Through all of that he was there picking me up, telling me to work harder, get extra reps, get varsity reps, watch extra film, etc. He’s helped build my confidence, and helped me contribute to varsity my junior year. Ever since pampers, Angel and I have been tight and have helped each other through anything and everything.”

Alongside Nelson’s ability to throw the ball, he also serves as a great leader and role model to his fellow teammates.

“Angel’s role as a leader benefits the team in multiple ways,” Mathis said. “Offensively he’s the glue to our unit. He makes sure we are 100% and efficient at all times. If things are rough, he brings us together to fix our mistakes and get us going. As a team, he makes sure we play brother for brother, that we have each other’s back, and that we are focused and on the same page.”