Ms. Courtney Drosos

Spanish teacher Courtney Drosos – Purdue Northwest 2018

Spanish teacher Courtney Drosos – Purdue Northwest 2018

Q: What piece of advice/life token would you give someone entering their 20’s based off of what has happened to you in your life?
A: “Definitely study, try to take classes that interest you because I wasted two years of my life taking classes that I hated. Just try to stay motivated with things that you like and don’t give into peer pressure and what other people want you to do.”

Q: How and why did you choose to pursue a career in education and decide that college was the best option for you?
A: ”So originally, I took two years of classes that I didn’t even like because I was pressured to go into the nursing program and I know I hated it. So I did two years of that and then I was like you know what I have always wanted to be a teacher ever since I was younger. I was like I am going to teach kids one day and the reason I thought that is because I had a teacher in sixth grade. I’ll never forget her, her name was Ms. S dear to my heart I still love her so much. She just really motivated me to be the person who I am today. Always to stay positive and she just helped me through a lot of things that I was going through as I was growing up, so I sort of want to be that role model as she was to me. So that’s why I like being a teacher and pursued that. I want to help kids.”

Q: What challenges involving love, career, and day-to-day life do you feel are the hardest to overcome and why?
A: ”Right now I am in a relationship and I have a boyfriend and we are currently trying to buy our first home together, so as far as day to day life goes it’s sort of a challenge. I’m trying to come here and be the best person I can be for these students of mine and then I have to go home and I have to try to move and everything. So it is sort of stressful but like I said just try to keep a positive mindset,keep going, and don’t get over stressed and overwhelmed.

Q: What is something you wish you would’ve known before entering your 20s?
A: ”That it’s going to be not easy. Things are not going to be handed to you like they seem to be sometimes handed to you in high school. Once you are in the real world wherever college, or career pathway that you decide to take you have to work your butt off. You have to be serious and you have to be motivated and you have to love what you do. They always say, love what you do and you won’t go to work a day in your life. And that’s how I feel, I love what I do, I feel like it’s not coming to work, it’s coming and helping kids and doing what I want to do. So for me I’m glad I decided to choose a path that I really love and enjoy what I do.”

Q: If you could do it all over again would you do anything differently and if so what would it be?
A: ”Definitely not waste the two years of my life in the nursing program. Lots of money and time spent that I could have been spending bettering myself in the education field.”

Q: Are you happy with where you are currently at and do you plan to always stay in this career?
A: ”Yes, definitely happy with where I am. I have a wonderful staff and student body around me. I wouldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. This is where I belong. Teaching Spanish is what I was born to do, so I’m going to keep doing it.”

Q: What advice would you give to high school graduates that are choosing to go to college?
A: ”Stay motivated, do what you feel is right for you. Don’t get into what other people think is best for you, no one knows you better than yourself. Do what makes you happy and you’ll live a successful life.’

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