Paul-Woodley fight turns out to be a big waste of time

Paul-Woodley fight turns out to be a big waste of time

Izza Aftab, Staff Writer

Almost nobody likes the Paul brothers (unless you’re a 7-10 year old with no soul or brain). They are notorious for playing dangerous pranks on people, being extremely obnoxious, and starting random drama. You may have remembered Logan Paul’s UFC fight with Floyd Maywether a couple of months ago.
The drama started back when Jake Paul stole Mayweather’s hat. It was all over social media. Jake snatched it from his head and scoffed, “Got your hat”, which of course, aggravated him, and people had to hold Mayweather back to prevent him from hurting that fool. What’s even funnier is at the actual UFC fight with Logan Paul vs. Floyd Maywether, Jake was in the audience and mistakenly thought his brother was actually winning, harshly screaming, “Got your career!! Got your f%#k*ng career!!!” It was all such foolishness that my brain couldn’t even comprehend. However, I have so much to say on the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley fight from the night of August 29th.

Woodley is a former Welterweight UFC champion. The years up to his retirement weren’t that great for his career because his fighting skills diminished over time. Although Jake Paul is not very professional at boxing, he thinks he’s pretty good at it (I mean, that’s probably what he thinks if he keeps trying to fight against all of these professional athletes!) I initially thought that Jake Paul was going to lose easily. There was no way in my mind that a former Welterweight champion could lose to such an amateur.

Prior to the fight, Jake Paul refused to submit a drug test. Due to this occurrence, people started speculating that he allegedly used performance-enhancing drugs. Unfortunately, there’s not enough evidence to prove this.

The fight’s beginning was as I expected. During round 4, Woodley just kept punching and punching Jake. Jake tried to punch Woodley too, but Woodley blocked those punches. In round 7, they successfully punched each other, but Woodley still had the upper hand. Throughout the entire fight, they kept going back and forth. Everytime Jake hit Woodley, Woodley did not budge at all. Those were not powerful punches.

There were many times where Jake was weak, and Woodley could’ve used that as an opportunity to ultimately finish him, but he didn’t. He kept waiting and waiting for a perfect moment- that was one of Woodley’s weaknesses- not taking the chance when he had it. Although Woodley knocked Jake into the ropes for half a minute, he let him recover and rack up more points, which was a huge mistake.

Over the course of the fight, Jake ended up getting more punches and combos, therefore, in the end, he won. I honestly think that was bogus. Also, after the fight was over, Jake Paul was completely out of breath and Woodley was not. Not to be rude or assume anything, but I think that’s a clear indication of who has more experience in fighting and has better endurance.

Jake Paul gave this really stupid message at the end: “Hey, I just wanna say to all the kids out there, if you’re ever getting bullied, keep your head up. Stay confident, look to boxing, boxing can give you confidence. And if you are bullying kids out there, it’s not cool. I used to be a bully, okay? And now I realized it wasn’t cool. Then when I started doing my thing, blowing up on the internet, people were hatin’ on me, and it hurt my feelings. So, just know if you’re bullying someone- if you’re bullying kids out there…stop it. Stop it.” What? “Stop it”? That’s not going to stop people from bullying! There’s been lots of memes going around of this segment of his speech, and I think it’s hilarious.

It really aggravates me how Jake Paul mentions bullying in his message because he is known for making bullying accusations against regular commentary channel creators, who give constructive criticism and jokes. In reality, they’re not bullying. They’re trying to make content, not hurt people. One time he called Cody Ko a bully, and decided to expose Cody while he was getting a haircut (what a weirdo). Jake Paul really needs to stop pointing fingers at innocent people.

Anyways, Tyron Woodley wanted a rematch because he thought it was unfair. “Off the top, I want an instant rematch…of course I want a rematch, I felt like I won the fight…I landed more power shots, when he threw his shots, they were hitting my glove…let’s run it back!” Woodley said. Jake Paul and Woodley negotiate. Jake Paul said, “If you get the tattoo that says, ‘I love Jake Paul’, let’s run it back!”, to which Woodley replied, “Bet!” And they finalize the deal. As a UFC fan, I have never felt this much second-hand embarrassment in my life. This is the most nonsensical thing I’ve ever heard.

However, Woodley didn’t get that tattoo, so his deal for the opportunity to get a rematch has expired. On September 7th, Tyron Woodley responded to the tattoo situation on the FightHype YouTube channel. There were many negative comments on it. One user commented, “No tattoo, no rematch. Simple. Take the L by a Disney kid.” Another user commented, “Tyron missed his chance to go BIG.” Another said, “He’s still talking about the fight? LOL! Homie down bad. He gonna be 60 and he gonna still be bringin’ it up.” Majority of the comments were discussing how Woodley didn’t keep his word or agree to the deal. “Ain’t nobody gonna believe him no more…no rematch needed. Dude doesn’t even honor his word as a man about the tattoo,” another user stated. I agree with most of these. He missed his chance. No tattoo, no rematch.

Overall, in my opinion, it was pretty stupid fight. It all ended with a retired fighter missing his chance to win, and a revolting, idiotic blonde with an even more inflated ego. Sometimes I wonder, why even bother watching these anymore? I just want the Paul brothers’ boxing careers to end.